Savino Healthcare Center is known for dealing with the patients whose movements are undermined because of so many reasons and that includes environmental factors, aging, disease, sporting hazards, etc. We take extreme care for our patients who are suffering due to some of the health issues and make sure that they are treated with proper care. Each and every patient who visit us have different kinds of needs that must be fulfilled and various problems that must be addressed, we are aware of that fact and this is the reason for our personalized services.

We address your problem separately and provide you with the treatment that will help in healing your problems. We have both male and female staff to treat our male and female patients comfortably. Our equipment that has been manufactured with the help of latest technology will surely help the patients with coping up their issues. The ambiance and peaceful environment at our healthcare center will ensure the calmness of the brain and body for the patients. We take utmost care when it comes to providing a home type environment for our patients. Apart from the environment, our staff always strives to make the patients feel that they are home. They make sure that each and every patient is addressed personally and are monitored from time to time.

It is important to take care of the body parts that are hurt physically and our personalize physiotherapy program will help you with that. We offer various types of therapies and are equipped with various types of exercise equipment for the patients. Our physiotherapists and attendants are highly trained and they are aware of each and every equipment as well as the technique that is implemented in the treatment. They make sure that you are treated in the right way and provide the solutions for your problem perfectly. At Savino Healthcare, customer’s wellbeing is the most important requirement for us and we try our level best in order to provide them with good health.

To avail, our services contact us at or ring us on +91 84475 63139.