nursing care


At Savino, we have trained, qualified and experienced nurses who excel in providing various types of services including chronic care, childcare, elderly care, injection on-call, etc. Our nurses are monitored under experienced doctors continuously in order to make them provide the required treatment and care for the patients. We always make sure that the patients are provided with the best in class and high-quality care when they are at our health care facility. Most of our nurses are trained to work under the pressure of ICU too. They are highly qualified and trained to provide reliable care for our patients.

Even though, the nurses monitor you 24x7, our highly trained doctors also keep on visiting the patients from time to time in order to have a look at the status of the patient. We assure the family members of our patients that the patient is in safe hands and in order to keep our promise, our trained nurses are ready to travel an extra mile too. We provide you with 3600 care which means we won’t stop with nursing services, we have so many other services that are essential for our patients. Pharmacy, lab tests, post-surgical care, children care, elderly care, etc are some of the services that we provide for our beloved customers.

Savino has always had the customer’s best interest at heart and we always strive to make sure that the people who approach us with faith are satisfied completely. Our extreme care and concern towards the patients and the high-end services that we offer them is the reason for our success in this field. We never compromise on the quality of the services that we provide for our patients. We are happy to serve them 24x7 and our trained nurses, as well as doctors, aid the patients all the time.

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